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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Engineer Cake

Mel, my husband has finally retired and has had in total six celebrations of this event. I decided to wrap this up by providing a cake for a morning tea! The cake was a a fruit cake topped with sugar fondant. I modelled a figure from gumpaste and placed him on the cake. The figure was complete with hard hat and safety vest. In 2003 when the drought was particularly bad he had been involved in a project in the Broken Hill [Silver City] region of NSW, Australia. I had the newspaper article enlarged and laminated then placed the cake on a glass plate on top of it.

Congratulations Mel.

Could also be used as a Father's Day cake for an engineer or similar

FairyToadstool Cake

The challenge to make a fairy cake for Rhianna, a 3 year old.  So the thinking process began .... I went straight to Google and discovered the Fairy Toadstool idea. Noted that one caker had reported that she had found it difficult to get a good finish on the roof of the toadstool ... ummm I don't want that! Suddenly I remembered that I had a polystyrene ball which if cut in half could be used for the roof. definitely a EUREKA moment!

I cut and covered the semi-sphere with red fondant and produced a dome ready to be covered with spots and a chimney. The cottage was a plain vanilla cake covered in a decorator buttercream which had been flavoured with caramel. Rhianna the fondant fairy was added to the scene and totally edible fondant [sugar- paste] flowers sprinkled around the board which had been first covered with the white fondant surrounded by hearts. Yes I loved making this cake. 12 cupcakes were also provided with the cake.
Comment from customer as she reported that her grown son who tasted one of the cupcakes said,
" Now that's a CUPCAKE." She also said that her granddaughter Rhianna loved the fairy toadstool. So everyone was happy!